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Every Christ follower is on a spiritual journey. Paul says that He (Jesus) who began a work in you is faithful to complete it. So, the good news is that the One in charge of your growth in Christ, is Christ Himself! He uses "all things" in your life to bring you along in trusting Him more.

So what do I do? In simple terms, you show up - talk with Him, listen to Him, cooperate with His leading, cry out to Him, complain to Him, present yourself so the gifts you've been given can be used by Him... and sometimes resist Him. All of these, and more, are aspects of a naturally growing relationship with Jesus.

At Tri-State Fellowship we provide a host of tools and activities to help you take responsibility for your relationship with Christ. While we can all benefit from our time together, personal growth happens when we respond to Christ's work in our lives. Below are some of the resources we have available, and check back periodically to see what additional helps have been added.

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