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The Christian College Scholarship Fund (CCSF) was established in the early years of Tri-State Fellowship particularly to assist those who were planning to attend a Christian college or university, with a view toward a possible career in ministry areas. Since a career path is not always firmly decided at this age, over the years the fund has been used more broadly to support those going to Christian schools, regardless of career choice, especially when these colleges and universities have matching fund programs with churches. 

Some additional considerations are:

  • Christian colleges and universities do not have the expanded scholarship resources of secular private institutions
  • Costs are generally a bit more than publicly-supported state schools
  • Students choosing to attend Christian schools are less likely to obtain community-based scholarships that are usually given as awards to those heading toward secular institutions
  • On the occasion where a student does choose a ministry career pathway, their ultimate financial situation will be less likely to provide the same level of resources for paying back borrowed funds. 

The leadership board has also decided the CCSF may be used to provide support even for those in secular schools who are incurring costs related to Christian endeavors. For example, a missions trip with a Christian-based campus organization. And there is also the recognition that certain ministry careers – such as those of a technical or scientific nature – may be primarily pursued through secular educational institutions.

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, simply click the link for the application, print, fill it out and submit to Trent or the church office. Questions about the scholarship should be directed to Trent Williams