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Children's Books & Bibles

The Jesus Storybook Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

The Big Picture Story Bible

by David R. Helm

Note: The above Bibles are not "full-text" Bibles. There are numerous full-text Bibles marketed for kids. Some translations are more kid-friendly for the elementary reader, such as the NLT. If you have a Bible that you would highly recommend for preteens, elementary, or preschool ages, please let us know and we may add it to this resource list!

This is No Fairy Tale

by Dale Tolmasoff

The Ology

by Marty Machowski

What the Bible is All About: Handbook for Kids

by Frances Blankenbaker (Original Author: Dr. Henrietta Mears)

Books for Parents

Web & Video Resources

Video Curriculum for all Ages: Orange Curriculum continues to make their teaching videos available online for churches. There are videos each week for Preschool, Kids (Early Elementary), and Preteen (4th & 5th Grades). Click HERE to access all videos for this Sunday, April 26th.

EASTER WEEK SERIES with David Hadigian

Session 1 Mark 14:32

Discussion Questions

Session 2 Mark 14:42

Discussion Questions

Session 3 Mark 14:54

Discussion Questions

Session 4

Discussion Questions

Session 5

Discussion Questions

Session 6

Discussion Questions


RightNow Media - Tri-State Fellowship offers a free subscription to this expansive video library. There are many parenting resources and videos for children. If you are a regular attender at Tri-State, please contact the office to find out how to gain access to this resource.

General Note: There are mountains of online resources (video series, websites, blogs, and podcasts). We could probably find dozens to recommend. If you have found a Web-based or Video resource that you would highly recommend to others, please let us know and we may decide to list it here for others to benefit.