Soul Purpose

April 27, 2014


April 27, 2014

Measuring up. Making the grade. Surviving the cut. Call it what you will, the truth is we all have a tendency toward self-evaluation. How am I doing? How are things going? And, if we’re honest, we usually measure ourselves against a moving standard. The minute I feel content in life, something comes along to make me question my own ranking. Maybe I’m not doing as well as I thought. Our happiness is shattered. The more I try to measure myself against my circumstances, the less I experience genuine happiness. The more I try to measure myself by the gospel, the more I experience lasting joy.

That’s what Paul’s letter to the Philippian church is about. Initially a thank-you letter for their extended care of him—though in its pages we find the glorious expression of a joy-filling, soul-stirring gospel.

Bible References

  • Philippians 1:3 - 5