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Tri-State Fellowship Church (TSF) of Hagerstown, MD, founded in 1984, is a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Located in scenic and historic Western Maryland an hour northwest of both Washington and Baltimore, TSF is a multi-generational congregation with a strong representation of young families, families of teens, and empty nesters. There are currently five (5) pastoral staff positions, including the lead pastor. Post-COVID attendance is 275-300 in person, plus an online audience of another 100+. The church facility and pastorium, which is currently occupied by one of the Associate Pastors, is located on 29 acres of land.  There are opportunities for growth and expansion.


  • Serve as the primary voice of casting vision and leadership for the church community, doing so through the Word of God in public presentation, in team partnership with the Board of Elders, and in relationships throughout the church. 
  • Be the primary person in preaching and planning the weekly sermon and teaching schedule. This includes having a divinely-sought and divinely-guided sense of Biblical texts and long-range planning for Scriptural communication. The Lead Pastor, in concert with the Worship Pastor, will coordinate all aspects of the Sunday morning worship experience to ensure a clear and cohesive message that promotes transformation and life application of Biblical truths.
  • Have and display the heart of a Shepherd for God's people. This involves building and growing relationships with the people of the church while also welcoming new and visiting people to the church community. The Lead Pastor will provide oversight in visitation and communication with the sick and elderly while using the resources of other staff, particularly in conjunction with the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and those ministries he oversees (community groups, take-a-meal ministry, etc.).
  • Develop a vision and plan for discipling the church body and instilling a heart for Biblical study, worship, prayer, evangelism, missions, community outreach, and service within the body.
  • Promote and champion key ministries of the church, such as missions, men’s/women’s, youth, children’s, marriage, community groups, etc.
  • As a member of the Board of Elders, the Lead Pastor is a leading voice in discussion, an equal voice in decision, and a subservient voice in matters of accountability.
  • Work with the entire pastoral staff team in the planning and execution of the church’s wide array of ministries. 
  • Maintain a close interpersonal connection of encouragement with all staff personnel. 
  • The Lead Pastor should foster a positive, energetic, and vision-focused work environment. 
  • The Lead Pastor should recognize he has a key relationship with the Administrative Pastor, serving together in a totally open partnership of mutual commitment and communication.
  •  Participate in EFCA district or national events.  This may include gathering with nearby EFCA pastors, attending the annual EFCA East district conference, etc.  
  • Pursue consistent and growing personal spiritual health through prayer, worship, Biblical study, Christian books/podcasts, and seeking out someone who can be an on-going mentor and source of encouragement. 
  • Embrace a teachable attitude and pursue an increasing competency to lead and direct the congregation toward spiritual formation and missional impact.
  • Specific roles and expectations will be further defined in conjunction with the Board of Elders upon hiring.


The next Lead Pastor of TSF will possess or demonstrate the following:

  • An active and growing faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to contribute directly to His Church and Body
  • Agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • A clear and articulate understanding and practice of what it means to live a life governed by the Scriptures and led by the Spirit
  • A pattern of prayer in his personal and family life that can serve as a model for others on staff and the congregation
  • A desire for excellence in all things with impeccable personal integrity
  • 5 years of key staff leadership in a multi-staff or Lead Pastor role (preferred in a multi-staff church)
  • A Master of Divinity (preferred) or Master's degree from an evangelical seminary
  • Ordination credentials
  • Transparency related to job history and the ability to share references from current and past ministries or employers as a potential candidacy develops


To apply for this position, please email your resume to